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Catalogue your archive, library or art collection.

An opportunity to audit, display and promote your artefacts or photographs.

Content management

You could consider a full content management system (cms), which allows you (or someone in your office) to create new catalogue sections, alter or add text, upload images and change navigation. The CMS gives you a web-based interface of boxes and clickable radio buttons to make the changes. The archive records can then be made accessible to visitors of your choosing.

Preparing your collection

If your collection isn't "ready-to-go" yet, Bound Book can assess and catalogue the collection in-house. If it's very extensive or specialist, we can project manage working with professionals in conservation, photography, collections management, curation and design history, who can help you ready it for cataloguing.

We will also work with you to develop your search and categorisation functions, so that the database can then be used in a multitude of different applications from academic research to print production.

Collections expertise

Working in the arts & culture sector for much of her career, Bound Book's founder, Wil Baldwin, has lots of experience of working with collections, to which she brings her database management expertise.

Recent exhibition and collections projects include:

  • Digital Archivist, The Robin and Lucienne Day Foundation. Archive System Development and digitisation Project Management.
  • RCA Secret. Exhibition of 2800 contemporary postcard-sized original artworks, London.
  • AHRC Centre for the Study of the Domestic Interior. Database of Domestic Interiors.
  • The Perfect Place to Grow: 175 Years of the Royal College of Art. Exhibition of 350 museum artefacts and artworks.
  • 21st Century Art and Design. Exhibition of contemporary paintings, sculptures and design objects, Christies, London.

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