Specialist in web-based archival systems.

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Content Management

After analysis of the requirements for your collection, a full content management system (cms) allows you (or someone in your office) to create new catalogue sections, alter or add text, upload images and change navigation. The CMS gives you a web-based interface of boxes and clickable radio buttons to make the changes.
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CMS Administration
for RCA Secret, and for Originals Inprint.

Some ways to further use your catalogue

  • automatically prepare loan forms
  • create exhibition management sub-sets
  • fundraise
  • publish web pages to the public
  • share data with password-holding members
  • re-use images and narratives for html email campaigns
  • track acquisitions and loans
  • output lists
  • e-shop (hosted on a secure platform such as ecwid)
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Multiple uses

for your archive system are possible. They can be developed at the beginning of the project, or added to the system as new requirements present themselves.

RCA Secret's catalogue was used to prepare an accurate list of the contributors, to automate sales and invoicing, and to present images of all of the artworks on a website. For the Robin and Lucienne Day Foundation's Digital Archive, Wil has developed a comprehensive catalogue system which makes researching and finding the right images simple for the user.

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photo: Michal Bar-Or