Blue Pencil Agency is a very new authors’ services company, but their Director, Sara Sarre, has long experience of story editing and publishing. As a new startup last year she needed a nicely designed website for a modest budget. She opted for an html site without a content management system (a system where you can add your own updates from an online interface). We can always add that functionality as the business grows. Meanwhile, I undertake updates to her instructions which is an inexpensive monthly outgoing, as well as being convenient for Sara – only having to gather the material and pass it on to me is much less time-consuming and technical.

Sara Sarre of Blue Pencil Agency, photography Alexander James

Sara Sarre of Blue Pencil Agency, photography Alexander James

This month’s updates included three new authors’ endorsements from writers who have been supported and coached to produce publishable material, through Sara’s story editing service.

Fiction writing can be a lonely business. It can be very difficult to get the support needed from friends because they do not have a professional publishing angle, whereas Sara can, and does, offer sometimes difficult-to-hear critical analysis as well as encouragement and trusted advice.

In their testimonials Tim Robinson, Frances Merivale, Saskia Sarginson and Fiona Mitchell describe the confidence and satisfaction they’ve gained from having their writings read by Blue Pencil Agency, and their dreams of future publications currently being honed.