Lee Grandjean asked me to update the Portfolio section of his website to show his latest sculpture and paintings. He has recently exhibited in three exhibitions: “Home Truths” at North House Gallery, Manningtree, Essex, “Let’s Go, they do not move” at Outpost Galleries, Norwich, and at Yallops Gallery, Norwich. Lee is a prolific artist, so in keeping with his usual energetic approach, he produced lots of previously unseen work for the exhibitions. These new sculptures are wrested from unconventional sculpture materials, painted with strong colours unifying the surfaces, and often paired with paintings of expressive characters who appear to push at the borders of the canvas wanting to come out to play.

Lee Grandjean Portfolio page

Different moods in sculpture

The galleries in Manningtree and Norwich are very atmospherically different from each other. This seemed to be reflected in the collections of art that Lee exhibited at each gallery. You can see from the images on his website, that the Outpost Gallery in Norwich is an airy ‘white cube’ gallery with light and whiteness everywhere. The “Let’s Go” sculpture there looks chirpy, poised on tiptoe and filled with happy colour and inquisitive personality.

Let’s Go. They Do Not Move: installation at Outpost Gallery Norwich

By contrast the paintings and sculpture in “Home Truths” at North House Gallery are brooding, shadowy giants, buffeting with the walls and tripping over each other as they march to the exit. The Yallops Gallery was once a shoe shop and still exudes a yesteryear atmosphere. Perfect for Lee Grandjean’s heavy clay-like “Three sculptures in conversation”; old blokes from any part of the world able to communicate through their world-weary similarities.

Website coding information

The Portfolio pages use a thumbnail browser view and a pagination view so that you can scroll through each image and see the related detail. The detail includes title, date, material and background information. Although I created the website several years ago, the layout still works well. I try to slip in some more contemporary methods each time I work on it to keep it up to date. It started life as a basic static html site (nothing wrong with that), and has gradually evolved so that it now incorporates php with a mysql database, and layout with css.

More about Lee Grandjean: www.leegrandjean.co.uk.