originals-inprint10Recently Originals Inprint asked me to look into ways to lessen the amount of spam emails they were receiving at their domain’s email address.To put a positive spin on a frustrating fact of digital life, it’s a good opportunity to review and update parts of the website that haven’t been worked on for a while. Along with changing a few settings, I suggested adding a new contact form to the contact page that would include Google’s re-captcha validation box

For more on that have a look at this post on adding re-captcha to your page. There are a few additional advantages to adding a web contact form, over and above the screening out robots.


  • Established business websites look more professional with a contact form.
  • The potential customer doesn’t have to use their own email client to make contact
  • The visual design of the contact page integrates with the rest of website design.
  • There is potential to capture the contact details, and message, into the database for future use in mailouts, or to develop a customer account system.

Now up and running, this is an inexpensive tweak to the existing website which will repay benefits for some time to come.

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