Copyright: John Keane. Website: Wil Baldwin at Bound Book.

I’ve been working for several months on this new launch, to coincide with John Keane’s retrospective at Flowers Kingsland Road, and major exhibition of new works “Speaking Power To Truth” at Flowers in Cork Street.

We’ve given the whole site a major overhaul to provide a better showcase for larger-sized images now that computer screens can take it, (as well as good support on small devices).

The work involved archiving the images and records from John’s back catalogue so that there’s a secure record for the future, and building a content management system which will allow more flexible manipulation and collation of the images.

He has a lot of work, so it’s a large site with sections for each of his exhibitions and two blog-like areas showing what’s coming up on a noticeboard, and what’s happening in the studio.

What a great pleasure it’s been for me to work with John. I like to think, after all the portraits he’s made including of Mo Mowlam and Kofi Annan, this might act as a portrait of the painter himself.