Original Linocut print

Originals Inprint are diligent Facebookers (https://www.facebook.com/originals.inprint/), and have just posted a beautiful linocut by Hannah Forward. It is a black and white image of Hannah’s curled up cat, eyeing a surprisingly orange spider. “Oleg and the Bug” is a limited edition of 50, and you can purchase the print at Originals Inprint website, for the bargain price of ¬£35 (plus postage).

Hannah Forward

Hannah Forward studied graphic design at Brighton University, and like many of the artists represented at Originals Inprint, she lives on the south coast. Her linocuts seem to be influenced by the sea and strong seaside light, and seaside activities are often portrayed in the work. She says her work is concerned with noticing and capturing otherwise missable events in everyday life.

Hannah Forward prints at Originals Inprint

Hannah Forward prints at Originals Inprint (©Hannah Forward/Originals Inprint)

Working process

She often begins a work by taking a photograph. Then she drafts a design in coloured pens and pencils before transferring it to lino. She creates the lino block which will be used for printing using tools to cut into the lino which results in ‘spaces’ between the ink. The final print can be very simply in one colour, or a multi-coloured image is built up by making several different lino blocks, each for a different colour. Originals Inprint have a nice printmakers’ terms Glossary on their website, here, if you’re interested in learning more.

Although she studied graphic design, which is now dominated by digital processes, Hannah Forward is attracted to working in linocut because of its raw, handmade processes. She says on her blog that she does not really like the idea of sitting in front of a computer screen to make her work, so this process is perfect for her.

Website coding information

To keep it simple for Jen Crocker (Director of Originals Inprint), we have decided to use several off-the-shelf add-ons as the site evolved. Its base is php and mysql, with a bespoke CMS for Jen to add Artists and Works and content for all the other pages. Then on top of that we used PayPal buttons for the shopping cart element (tacked on to the CMS), which are connected to a simple e-commerce account. Later in the development, Originals Inprint wanted a Card Store, which we added on using Ecwid shopping cart.

These solutions mean that the whole product is not as streamlined as it could be. But the great advantage is that costs were very low to add these functions, and Originals Inprint was able to keep the site online throughout, with no loss of service.