Originals Inprint wanted to modernise their splash page in time for the New Year.

The goal was to produce an updated splash page that was responsive so filled large screens and did not look out of place on mobile screens. It was a great opportunity to place more ‘content’ on the page. I also added some animated hover buttons using the flat colour areas I have always loved since I got my first Mac.originals inprint splash page

I’ve been exploring CSS transitions instead of Javascript, now that they’re more compatible with common browsers, and that gives a lot of scope for accessible pages with gentle (not in-your-face), animation effects. Now the splash page is more SEO-friendly with descriptive in-going links and social media badges.

I also recently worked with Jen at Originals Inprint to add a security certificate (SSL) to her site, getting into line with Google’s recent directive to prioritise ‘secure’ sites, hence the web address now features ‘https’.

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