Bound Book is Wilhelmina Baldwin’s website design company for artists and makers.

Based in Battersea, London, I offer a fully rounded web development service from design to practical application. If you need assistance to compile material for your website or archive system, I work with you in your studio to get photos and slides organised and scanned, compose and edit text content, and support you with tricky computer tasks.

I have fine-art training and arts project management experience – this combination gives me a unique insight into the digital needs of creative enterprises, A&D education and the Arts.

Website design client: Steve Bunn

Copyright: Steve Bunn

Website design problems Bound Book can solve

As well as starting up new websites, I assist creative business with some of the web issues that can get in the way of keeping existing sites fresh.

Your site’s too hard to update

Maybe you’re with Wix, Weebly, WordPress or some other online webmaker, and need some help with the system.

The website design is old and tired

The text and images are too small and your navigation buttons are invisible. And on a mobile it’s hard to navigate.

Parts of the site don’t work any more

There are dead links and empty frames.

There’s a backlog of updates

You need someone to help get you back on track.

You want to expand your existing site, with a shop or blog

Add-on modules are available.

Contact Wil Baldwin at Bound Book to talk about getting your website back on track.